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Electricity has a different value every hour. Handling these fluctuations in a clever way may save a lot of money. Are you triggered about these interesting energy prices? Yes! Then Yuso would love to help you.

What are the benefits of our energy supply?

Flexible contract

No more with fixed terms or silent renewals. The Yuso supply contract only has a start date. Get in and out whenever you want!


Best energy prices guaranteed

Yuso stands for transparent energy prices. You pay the lowest market price for energy every hour, without any extra margins and indexations. Enjoy these benefits!


Reports and follow-up

Follow all delivery and cost parameters live via the free My Yuso Portal. We will inform you monthly of all costs and of how your consumption can be better attuned to the market. You only need one platform!


Green energy

The energy supplied by Yuso mostly comes from injections via renewable sources. The energy that you consume may for instance come from a windmill or solar panels nearby!

Do you only want to pay the fair price for your energy, and nothing more?


Yuso guarantees transparent energy prices. Discover how we calculate the actual costs of our electricity supply, and see which yearly benefits this may bring for you! As a Yuso customer, you are constantly up-to-date on changing prices, for instance via My Yuso Portal.

How the Yuso price is composed

Yuso Green energy Supply Energy prices

The hourly market price

On the wholesale market, electricity has a different price every hour. Due to the increasement of volatile and renewable energy sources, these prices vary between € 0 and € 300 per MWh. Responding clever to these ups and downs can save a lot of costs!

Yuso Supply Energy prices Tax

The platform fee

The purchase of electricity on the wholesale market always takes place before the moment of delivery. There can be a difference between the amount of energy that we bought for you and your effective consumption. Yuso compensates the grid operator for this imbalance. The extra fee that you pay for this, is determined according to your consumption profile.

Yuso Supply Energy prices Tax

The network costs and taxes

The obligated net rates and taxes are shown transparently on your statements. Yuso ensures the direct transfer of these fees to the network operators or the government.


What is your potential advantage?

Yuso provides solutions for decentralized, green energy. Ready to discover what we can do for you? Request a quote or a detailed analysis. Find out what the injection, delivery or storage of renewable energy via Yuso can offer for you!

Check the market price

The prices of the Yuso delivery contract are different every hour. We always determine the price the day before the delivery, and we are always glad to share these prices with you.

Through our handy API interface, you automatically adjust your internal processes to the energy prices. In addition, there is the My Yuso Portal, a dashboard portal that offers real-time market information and easy-to-export data. You can also choose to stay up to date via mail. Receive useful market information daily, or set up triggers to get informed at certain prices!

Yuso Supply Injection Energy prices Green energy

Everything you need to know about a Yuso energy contract

Why does Yuso operate with a dynamic rate instead of a fixed rate?

Our dynamic rate is in line with the supply of electricity on the market: high prices when there is a shortage, low prices when there is a surplus. And that creates opportunities, because those who adjust their energy consumption to low prices will have lower energy bills and at the same time contribute to the stabilization of the grid!

For Yuso, this is an essential aspect of the energy transition: providing incentives to all market players in order to stabilize the grid by correctly matching the supply and demand of renewable energy in the grid. With a fixed rate, this incentive does not exist, which is why you will never find a fixed price at Yuso. A fixed price is not consistent with our mission and goals – in fact, it is quite the opposite. And when you think about it, at the gas station the price is also always variable, so without realizing it you have been using dynamic prices for years!

Is a dynamic rate more expensive than a fixed rate?

No. Every energy supplier who offers a fixed rate takes a safety margin on the price. They do this in order to protect themselves against the risk of an increasing price. So you automatically pay an extra fee to the supplier. At Yuso you get the market price with only one fee, the platform fee per MWh.  This includes all costs, both administrative and imbalance costs.

Are there any additional costs associated with a Yuso energy contract?

No! The price of your energy is based on three factors and is reported in a fully transparent way. Apart from these amounts, you will never find any additional charges on your bill.

Am I insured against excessive prices at Yuso?

Yes, because with a Yuso energy contract you always pay the market price. A temporary increase in the market price is possible, but over a longer period of time you will always be better off using the market price compared to a fixed rate.

Does my contract have a fixed duration?

No, at Yuso you can cancel your contract every month, completely free of charge! Why do we do this? We only want satisfied customers, and we are convinced that the variable price is always the fairest price. Customers who are not convinced of our core principle can switch to another supplier, completely free of charge. So you don’t run any risks when you sign a contract with Yuso.

What else is Yuso doing to accelerate the energy transition?

All technological developments that Yuso realizes, from dynamic rates, BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) to smart charging stations, are always intended to accelerate the energy transition. In doing so, we always match demand with renewable energy supply. That is our contribution to a carbon-free future!


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