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Yuso works closely with a network of energy partners who continue to offer the Yuso platform and our energy services to their own customers.

Are you an energy manager or asset manager? Would you like to provide Yuso’s energy services to your own customers? As a partner, you can easily onboard and follow up customers on the Yuso platform and further advise them based on the data we provide. Send an email to to create a partner account.

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Battery Supplies

For several years, Yuso has been working towards the energy transition with innovative solutions for energy consumers, prosumers and battery solutions of all kinds. Based on this experience, Yuso, together with Battery Supplies N.V. from Deerlijk, has now developed a solution for SMEs with decentralised production to recover even more of the energy produced for their own use. In addition, Yuso ensures continuous monitoring and control of these units in order to further improve efficiency.

Nippon Koei

Nippon Koei

Nippon Koei (NK, 1954 JP), originally founded in 1946, is the oldest independent engineering consultancy in Japan and has worked on more than 5,000 multidisciplinary infrastructure projects in 160 countries around the world. NK’s technical consultancy services cover the whole spectrum of energy infrastructure, transport infrastructure, water and sanitation, environment and agriculture, urban and industrial and public sectors. Yuso and Nippon Koei are currently developing a battery based energy storage system in Ruien: RES (East Flanders, Belgium).

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