Inject your green energy into the Yuso network

Do you own a large amount of windmills or solar panels, which results in a big capacity of green energy? Yuso provides a tailor-made purchase contract and injects your green energy into the grid!

What are the benefits of our injection contracts?

The best price is guaranteed

At Yuso, you get the highest possible price for the green energy that you produce. That’s only fair! This price is easily 20% higher than your current sales price. What are you waiting for?


Easy payment

We inform you monthly on the income of your installation by offering transparent payments. Use our self-billing system, and receive your money within a month. No more additional administration!

Personal service

Yuso provides expert advice on the performance of your installation. We keep an eye on your investment, and we point out any defects and opportunities. By doing so, you can rest assured.

Do you only want the best price for the green energy you supply?


Yuso guarantees transparent energy prices. Discover why we – unlike other partners – offer the best possible price. As a Yuso customer you are constantly up-to-date on changing prices, for instance by using the My Yuso Portal. Not convinced yet? Read how others experience their injection contract with Yuso. Maybe you can join the almost 500 installations that are already injecting their energy via Yuso!


Contact us for a customized offer or take a look at how this portal works!

How can Yuso provide the best price for your energy?

Yuso offers a better price for your supplied energy than any traditional player. How do we do this? Due to our efficient operational operation, our overhead costs are significantly lower than those of other energy companies. In addition, Yuso developed a strong expertise in marketing renewable energy. We manage our green electricity portfolio in a smart way, creating extra added value on top of the market value. In short, Yuso is constantly working on innovation and optimization. And that pays off.

The transparent value of your energy

Our prices are indexed on the monthly average of the Belpex exchange prices. In our price indexation, we differentiate between silent hours (during weekends and holidays) and normal hours. Request a customized offer and find out what price indexation your installation has! Or just take a look at Belpex prices from recent months:

Yuso Supply Injection Energy prices Green energy

Hourly Belpex price (€/MWh)

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