Focus on battery solutions, save valuable energy

Batteries are the solution for the unbalanced energy supply of renewable sources. Yuso guides you through the choice and the implementation of the batteries, and invests in your project!

The Yuso battery plan

Yuso created the first Battery as a Service (BaaS) in Belgium. Discover why we are such a unique integrator!

Analysis and dimensioning

Each project starts with a detailed study of the optimal dimensioning of your company’s storage system. We calculate the expected income and we evaluate the feasibility of your investment. That way you know what you’re dealing with!


Extra income

By intelligently directing your battery, Yuso generates additional revenue in the market. We are happy to share these extra incomes with you. By doing so, Yuso contributes to your investment!


Monitoring and insights

Via the monitoring platform My Yuso Portal, you can follow the use of your battery live. You can also easily check the financial returns. Constant real-time information!


Quotation and financing

Yuso looks for the battery solution that is best suited for your company, technologically and financially. We provide various leasing formulas through our financing partners. Together, we find a solution tailored to your company!

Do you want to use your green energy as optimally as possible?


Yuso provides the best battery solution for your company. Discover the benefits of our approach! And take a look at our partners and to some previous realizations. Know that as a Yuso customer, you remain constantly up to date with the performance of your battery, for instance via My Yuso Portal.


Contact us for a customized offer or take a look at how this portal works!

What are the benefits of our batteries?

Yuso Battery Night

Optimal use of renewable energy on your site

By using a battery as a buffer, you can store the solar and wind energy that you do not use at the time. By doing so, you don’t have to buy energy at night. That saves a lot of network costs!

Yuso Supply Energy prices Tax

Contribute to the balance on the net

Yuso continuously monitors your installation. This allows us to intervene when there are opportunities to use the battery in a flexible way. In return, Yuso likes to contribute to your investment!

Yuso Battery Power outage

Always be comfortable with a backup of energy

Batteries can be configured to power your business in the event of a power outage. This keeps critical processes running at any time!

Our technological partners

Some realized projects

Take a look at some battery projects from Yuso. Do you want to know more about these realizations? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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