Making new energy flow

Yuso integrates renewable and sustainable energy sources into the existing markets. By focusing on decentralized energy production, companies can manage their own energy consumption and injection in a flexible manner. Yuso is your intermediary to the new energy market.

What we stand for

Keep innovating

The world of renewable energy and IT is always developing. It’s in our blood to innovate, to be curious and to discover.

The power of automation

Yuso automates as many operational tasks as possible. This way, we have more time to offer a personal service and to innovate further!

Renewable energy

Yuso stands for the optimal integration of sustainable and renewable energy (such as solar and wind energy) into the market. And that off course benefits our world.

Open energy market

We believe in an open energy market. This makes the market more balanced, and the open approach also ensures that Yuso customers gain additional revenues.

Dynamic mindset

At Yuso, we never stop innovating. We constantly strive for the most efficient and effective solutions. Because our customers only deserve the best.


Yuso – unlike many other suppliers – stands for total transparency. Our price formulas are the same for everyone and are continuously consultable.


The rise of renewable and decentralized energy production led to increasing power for the end user. Yuso provides an energy platform on which local companies can act as smart energy players.

Smart handling of data

Data is available everywhere and is often free of charge. At Yuso, we actively use processes that analyse this complex data. By doing so, we can serve you even better!

Looking for a customized offer or simulation?

Find out what the injection, delivery or storage of renewable energy via Yuso can offer for you!


The people behind Yuso

Yuso consists of a fast growing and dynamic team with a passion for energy. Click through to get to know our managing directors, full stack developers, product managers, financial managers, portfolio managers, project managers, financial officers and weather specialists!

Do you share our passion for energy?

Do you support our values? Are you looking for a challenging and meaningful job? Take a look at our vacancies, or submit a spontaneous application.

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