Making new energy flow

Yuso integrates renewable and sustainable energy sources into the existing markets. By focusing on decentralized energy production, companies can manage their own energy consumption and injection in a flexible manner. Yuso is your intermediary to the new energy market.

What we stand for

Keep innovating

The world of renewable energy and IT is always developing. It’s in our blood to innovate, to be curious and to discover.

The power of automation

Yuso automates as many operational tasks as possible. This way, we have more time to offer a personal service and to innovate further!

Renewable energy

Yuso stands for the optimal integration of sustainable and renewable energy (such as solar and wind energy) into the market. And that off course benefits our world.

Open energy market

We believe in an open energy market. This makes the market more balanced, and the open approach also ensures that Yuso customers gain additional revenues.

Dynamic mindset

At Yuso, we never stop innovating. We constantly strive for the most efficient and effective solutions. Because our customers only deserve the best.


Yuso – unlike many other suppliers – stands for total transparency. Our price formulas are the same for everyone and are continuously consultable.


The rise of renewable and decentralized energy production led to increasing power for the end user. Yuso provides an energy platform on which local companies can act as smart energy players.

Smart handling of data

Data is available everywhere and is often free of charge. At Yuso, we actively use processes that analyse this complex data. By doing so, we can serve you even better!

Looking for a customized offer or analysis?

Find out what the injection, delivery or storage of renewable energy via Yuso can offer for you!


The people behind Yuso

Bart Pycke Yuso About us Energy Market Managing Director

Bart Pycke


Bart (Ir. Electrical Engineering, Ghent University) has over twenty years of experience in the energy sector. He led the trading activities of a Belgian utility company from the beginning of the market opening and he was more recently active in Switzerland with an international commodity trading company.

Michel Verschuere Yuso About us Energy Market Managing Director

Michel Verschuere


Michel (Dr in Sciences, KULeuven) has fifteen years of experience in the liberalized energy market in Belgium, Germany and Austria. He experienced the strong growth of wind and solar energy in Flanders first-hand in the wholesale sector.


Dimitar Stojanov


Dimitar, (Macedonia, 1984) graduated as BS in Computer Science in 2009 and MS in Project Management of Software Projects in 2011. He has over 10 years of work experience as a software and web developer, mostly using JavaScript based technologies like Node.js and React. Currently working as a full stack developer at Yuso on various projects and management of their AWS infrastructure.

Jonas Boury Yuso About us Energy Market Product Manager

Jonas Boury


Jonas graduated in June 2015 as an energy engineer at the KULeuven. As our product manager, he is responsible for the development, the launch and the expansion of the Yuso energy platform.

Sofie Schell Yuso About us Energy Market Financial Manager

Sofie Schell


Sofie has many years of experience in the financial management of energy markets. Since December 2017, she joined Yuso to help financially managing new projects.

About us Team Jasper Vermandere Portfolio Manager Energy market

Jasper Vermandere


Jasper graduated in June of 2018 as commercial engineer at Ghent University. As portfolio manager, Jasper is responsible for managing our portfolio of B2B prosumers and executing market operations.

Neha Devale About us Team Full Stack Developer energy market

Neha Devale


Neha (India, 1992) graduated as a Bachelor in Engineering in 2014 from Mumbai University, India. She has experience as a Senior Software Engineer at Infosys Limited and involved in projects with Telenet, Belgium for development and integrations of applications. She is a full-stack developer at Yuso.

Elias Debaere Project Manager About us Team energy market

Elias Debaere


Elias (Belgium, 1994) graduated as MSc in Electromechanical Engineering with a minor in Operations Management (Ghent University, 2018). As project manager with Yuso, Elias is responsible for the coordination and communication with external/ internal resources and vendors as well as in-time delivery of the various projects.


Nicolas Roose


Nicolas has many years of experience in forecasting (extreme) weather. Via nowcasting, he goes in search of subtle changes in the weather every day. He follows the weather situation at all times and examines the influence of the weather on the energy market.

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