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Yuso Decentralized energy


Solutions for green, decentralized energy

Yuso enables the exchange of renewable energy between different parties. We offer a platform (My Yuso Portal) for managing decentralized energy.

Stop going for the high and non-transparent prices of the powerful players on the energy market. Yuso believes in an open market where “peer to peer” energy is delivered and used. Together we ensure the integration of renewable energy in the existing markets!

Yuso facilitates the new way of exchanging energy, and ensures that all parties can follow the energy market and its prices in a transparent manner.

Yuso Decentralized energy Injection

Inject your green energy into the Yuso network

Do you own a large amount of windmills or solar panels, which results in a big capacity of green energy? Yuso provides a tailor-made purchase contract and injects your green energy into the grid!

Yuso Decentralized energy Supply

Choose the supplier of the future today

Electricity has a different value every hour. Handling these fluctuations in a clever way may save a lot of money. Are you triggered about these interesting rates? Yes! Then Yuso would love to help you.

Yuso Decentralized energy Battery

Focus on battery solutions, save valuable energy

Batteries are the solution for the unbalanced energy supply of renewable sources. Yuso guides you through the choice and the implementation of the batteries, and invests in your project!

Ruien Energy Storage Project

Yuso joins forces with Nippon Koei!
Discover more about this 25MW Battery Energy Storage System.

Ruien Energy Storage
Yuso Decentralized energy

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