Quantitative Analyst

YUSO is looking to recruit an additional team member who is looking for an opportunity to leverage his/her mathematical intellect and analytical mindset to accelerate the energy transition. You will help YUSO by integrating renewable energy and large-scale battery systems into the power markets using mathematical modelling in all its forms ranging from conventional optimization techniques towards more sophisticated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. YUSO encourages you to think outside of the box and bring your own expertise to a very wide range of modelling problems that exist within the world of energy.

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Introduction Yuso

YUSO is an innovative participant in the energy market. We supply 100% green energy and offer storage solutions to our customers in order to boost the energy transition. We integrate renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the existing energy markets and assist in maintaining the balance of the electricity grid at the same time.

YUSO’s expertise is centered around both small and large battery storage projects, power markets, and dynamic supply solutions intended to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized energy system. Our expertise is allocated to our clients for the full 100%, 24 hours a day.

YUSO fully focuses on innovation and automation in its activities.  We always seek for the most efficient, durable and effective solutions, transparency being our most important criterion. To support our strong growth, we are currently looking for a Quantitative Analyst.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Optimise the YUSO portfolio consisting of renewable generation (solar and wind) and both embedded and large-scale battery assets
  • Leverage your knowledge in mathematics, statistical methods, Machine Learning and/or AI to accelerate the inhouse forecasting models of YUSO, ranging from predicting what happens to our own portfolio to predicting the behaviour and dynamics of the entire energy market
  • Design algorithms to dispatch large-scale batteries with the goal to complement the generation of renewable energy and/or support the stability of the grid
  • Design, evaluate and implement new systematic strategies to trade energy in the market
  • Monitor, manage and improve on existing models by fine-tuning them to new markets or market conditions
  • Collaborate company wide research into trading models, portfolio management and trade execution
  • Partake in fundamental research related to the energy transition, together with the academical world and/or other highly motivated business partners in the energy sector (Example: Cordoba project)
  • Analyse time series data across a range of energy markets using a variety of statistical and applied mathematical methods
  • Write internal reports and give presentations summarising methods, results and performance, with focus on the latter
  • Maintain a self-critical yet convincing attitude towards your colleagues and clients

What do we expect from you?

  • Masters in mathematics, physics, computer science or equivalent scientific / statistical / mathematical / engineering / econometric discipline
  • Comfortable with mathematical modelling and computational techniques ranging from conventional algorithms to more sophisticated Machine Learning models
  • Knowledge and/or interest in trading or optimization in financial markets
  • Experience in  statistical or mathematical modelling and data analysis
  • Experience with Python is a must. Knowledge of NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn and other ML libraries is a plus. Knowledge of other languages is a plus.
  • Experience and/or knowledge of MySQL and databases is a plus.
  • Experience with git source code management is a plus.
  • Experience in energy markets through your education or past employment is a plus
  • Knowledge and/or interest in meteorology is a plus. 
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to influence and persuade
  • This vacancy is open to Dutch and/or English speaking applicants
  • Team player

What do we offer you?

You will join a team of dynamic and young professionals, passionate about the integration of renewable energy flows into the energy markets YUSO is active in. This job opening includes remote work and/or working from the YUSO offices in Waregem, Belgium. Our office space is one of the best equipped working environments for energy market activities, offering a multitude of multimedia to connect with other colleagues remotely. As a company, YUSO focuses on the well-being of its employees and the team-spirit as a whole!

Our remuneration is market competitive and offers several extra benefits like health-insurance, meal vouchers, IT-equipment supporting remote work, home-office compensation and a mobile plan. It also includes a variable part linked to the performance of the team.

Applications are accepted as an application letter with your CV attached

Apply via hr@yuso.be

Or via the application form below:

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