Ph.D. position embedded with YUSO in cooperation with ESAT (KU Leuven)

YUSO is looking to recruit an additional team member who will be employed by the company while preparing for a Ph.D. position at ESAT (KU Leuven). The position is part of the Marie-Curie Sklodowska (MCS) project ADOreD (Accelerating the Development of Offshore wind using DC technology) that was awarded to a large consortium of European research institutions and companies, including YUSO and KU Leuven. The project runs over four years starting from January 2023 whereby the candidate will be employed by YUSO, yet financed exclusively via the MCS project ADOreD during the first three years. The objective is that the candidate completes and defends his/her Ph.D. in the fourth year.

The ADOreD project centres around models for Offshore renewables connections with net-zero emissions targets as an objective. Further topics include HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) and AC/DC (Alternating Current / Direct Current) interaction as state-of-the-art allows. The candidate will be partly embedded in a commercial organization next to the research work being done within a Ph.D. program. The general topic for the PhD is “Risk-based operational models for hybrid offshore interconnectors for ancillary service provision”. Conditions relate to candidates applying for a MCS fellowship such as this. You can check your status via the website.

The selected candidate will be integrated in the YUSO team of quantitative analysts, consisting of highly experienced professionals with a strong drive to outperform within the energy sector through solid research and exquisite portfolio management. Your team is responsible for the performance of portfolio strategies and hence contributes directly to YUSO’s net revenue, while providing solid staging ground for your research and Ph.D.

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Introduction Yuso

YUSO is an innovative participant in the energy market. We supply 100% green energy and offer storage solutions to our customers in order to boost the energy transition. We integrate renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the existing energy markets and assist in maintaining the balance of the electricity grid at the same time.

YUSO’s expertise is centered around battery storage projects large and small, power markets, and dynamic supply solutions intended to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized energy system. YUSO fully focuses on innovation and automation in its activities. We always seek for the most efficient, durable and effective solutions, transparency being our main criteria. Under the ADOreD project we are currently hiring a Quantitative Analyst / Ph.D. candidate.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Develop, monitor and manage our models for the energy markets, including models
    for Offshore wind and AC/DC InterConnector (IC) technology
  • Improve existing models by fine-tuning them to new geographical markets,
    technologies or market conditions
  • Use a variety of statistical and applied mathematical methods such as Machine
    Learning or Artificial Intelligence
  • Act as the main point of contact on aspects related to ADOreD and in general Offshore
  • Analyse time series data across a range of energy markets using a variety of
    statistical and applied mathematical methods
  • Write internal reports and give presentations summarizing methods, results and
  • Maintain a self-critical yet convincing attitude towards your colleagues and clients
  • Author publications in scientific journals and international conferences as part of the
    PhD requirements

What do we expect from you?

  • Masters in computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent statistical /
    mathematical / scientific / econometric discipline
  • Candidates must abide by conditions for MCS Ph.D. fellowships as described here
  • Willing to work towards a Ph.D. hosted by KU Leuven in the framework of the MCS
    ADOreD project
  • Experience in energy markets and/or High Voltage engineering through your
    education is a plus
  • Understanding of the main economic fundamentals driving energy markets
  • Experience of statistical or mathematical modelling and data analysis
  • Knowledge of mathematical optimization techniques is a plus
  • Experience with one of Matlab, Julia, R and preferably Python
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to influence and persuade
  • This vacancy is open to Dutch and/or English speaking applicants
  • Willingness to travel and present research results during conferences or related
  • Team player

What do we offer you?

You will join a team of dynamic and young professionals, passionate about the integration of renewable energy flows into the energy markets YUSO is active in. This job opening includes remote work and/or working from the YUSO offices in Waregem, Belgium. Given the hybrid nature of employment as a Ph.D. candidate, your workload and -location will be divided 50-50% between KU Leuven and YUSO. The YUSO office space is one of the best equipped working environments for energy market activities, offering a multitude of multimedia to connect with other colleagues remotely.


Applications are accepted as an application letter with your CV attached

M: YUSO BV, Zuiderlaan 11 bus 31, B-8790 Waregem, Belgium
Or via the below application form:

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