Functional Analyst

YUSO has developed a product, My Yuso, for customers to easily get access to their service details. Dashboards provide an overview of important data such as meter values and prices. The platform is also the central location for customers to retrieve contractual documentation and invoices. My Yuso is a product with external capabilities as described above.

For internal use, My Yuso serves as a central platform for the sales team to onboard new customers and trigger certain market processes. New market development creates new opportunities for our customers and for My Yuso to be developed. We want to incorporate new features in my Yuso to enable peer-to-peer transactions, settlement at different indices and scheduling of energy volumes by M2M interfaces. Additionally, we want to launch My Yuso in the Netherlands.

We are currently looking for a Functional Analyst in order to identify future requirements for the My Yuso product and to oversee the development according to these requirements. The job gives the opportunity to work on a variety of topics, cross-department and both from a technical and business point of view.

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Introduction Yuso

YUSO is an innovative participant in the energy market.  We supply 100% green energy and offer storage solutions to our customers in order to boost the energy transition. We integrate renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the existing energy markets and assist in maintaining the balance of the electricity grid at the same time.

YUSO’s expertise is centered around large and small battery storage projects, power markets, and dynamic supply solutions intended to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized energy system. In 2022, YUSO intends to connect 200 MW of large-scale battery energy storage systems to its platform with more in the pipeline for the coming years. These projects are situated in the core market (Belgium) and a new market (UK). Besides that Yuso currently operates a virtual power plant of 350 MW installed solar power capacity in Belgium. We serve over 850 businesses. To support our strong growth, we are currently looking for a Functional Analyst.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Maintain a good understanding of the market requirements and customer proposition
  • You are in the lead for preparing, executing and following up functional analysis and refinement conversations with stakeholders
  • Perform gap analysis and recommend solutions
  • Document requirements and create functional specifications
  • Be able to demonstrate new product features using tools such as matlab or python
  • Oversee and validate the development of the product as per the specifications
  • Prepare technical user manuals, system configuration and other technical documents
  • Make improvements to internal processes
  • Think constructively in brainstorming sessions about new features, improvements and optimizations
  • Maintain a self-critical yet convincing attitude towards your colleagues and clients

What do we expect from you?

  • Masters in computer science or equivalent scientific / engineering discipline
  • Experience in the electricity sector and the operation of flexible assets through your education or past employment is a plus
  • Experience with software product development
  • Experience with Matlab, R or Python
  • Excellent communication skills. This vacancy is open to Dutch and/or English speaking applicants
  • Team player

What do we offer you?

You will join a team of dynamic and young professionals, passionate about the integration of renewable energy flows into the energy markets YUSO is active in.  This job opening includes remote work and/or working from the YUSO offices in Waregem, Belgium.  Our office space is one of the best equipped working environments for energy market activities, offering a multitude of multimedia to connect with other colleagues remotely.  As a company, YUSO focuses on the well-being of its employees and the team-spirit as a whole!

Our remuneration is market competitive offering extra benefits like health-insurance, meal vouchers, IT-equipment supporting remote work, home-office compensation and a mobile plan.  Part of your remuneration is tied to the desk result on portfolio management.

Applications are accepted as an application letter with your CV attached.

Elias Debaere

Head of Projects and Products
M: YUSO BV, Zuiderlaan 11 bus 31, B-8790 Waregem, Belgium
Or via the  application form below:

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