Yuso launches Swiss intraday trading platform

Yuso Trade Trading Platform Swiss Intraday Romande Energie Swissgrid

Today, Yuso launches a cloud-based Swiss intraday power trading platform named Yuso Trade. It is built in collaboration with Igloo, a UK based provider of smarter ETRM solutions for European energy markets, and Romande Energie, one of Switzerland’s leading utility companies.

A user-friendly solution for Swiss portfolio managers

Yuso and Romande Energie identified a need to increase liquidity and to simplify the trading process of Swiss intraday power. By acting as a liquidity provider, Yuso provides Swiss market participants access to a convenient executable trading screen for intraday power. For the execution of trades in the single EU cross-zonal intraday electricity market (SIDC), Yuso teamed up with Igloo, which could leverage its existing execution platform technology to develop a unique solution that provides Swiss market participants a single view of the Swiss intraday market. The solution integrates with Yuso’s and Romande Energie’s  internal systems to allow for “Straight-Through-Processing” (STP).

Streamlined trading processes

Romande Energie portfolio managers are now able to see quotes and click and trade on Swiss intraday power with automated deal capture, trade confirmation, nomination and settlement through Yuso’s existing services. The solution offers full trade status throughout the execution process, controls around partial fills and limit order management.

Yuso Trade Trading Platform Swiss Intraday

Open for more participants

With the increasing share of renewable electricity generation, intraday portfolio management and trading will become more and more important in the Swiss market. Yuso and Romande Energie now seek to open the platform to other Swiss market participants, which, like Romande Energie, are seeking to access a liquid platform for Swiss intraday power with streamlined intraday trading processes.

As a Belgian energy company, we understand very well the importance of a liquid intraday market, certainly with the increasing share of renewables in the Belgian energy mix. With the absence of SIDC in Switzerland, Romande Energie was looking for an alternative solution to the intraday liquidity problem. With the combined experience and know-how of Yuso and Igloo, we felt confident we could deliver this project. Yuso has years of experience in trading and scheduling operations in several countries, all of which were automated by our inhouse IT team. Igloo has a robust execution platform which we trusted to do the job. In the end, we are very proud about the end result of this project and thank our project partners for the pleasant collaboration during the past months.

Bart Pycke – Managing Director Yuso

Yuso Trade Trading Platform Swiss Intraday Romande Energie Igloo

The integrated service that this automated platform offers us, in terms of access to the liquidity on the Swiss intraday market, greatly simplifies our trading operations and allows us to anticipate the future of our intraday energy trading activity.

Axel Spahr – Senior portfolio manager at Romande Energie

Yuso Trade Trading Platform Swiss Intraday Romande Energy

Romande Energie’s pilot floating PV plant on the hydroelectric reservoir Lac des Toules

Yuso Trade Trading Platform Swiss Intraday Igloo

About Igloo

Igloo is an energy trading and risk management platform engineered to meet the needs of traders operating in today’s European markets. Igloo Trading Solutions, the developer of Igloo, is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and solutions for traders in these markets. With substantial experience in trading and technology at some of Europe’s largest energy trading organisations, the team behind Igloo have developed the platform with the conviction that ETRM can be done simpler, better and more cost effectively.

About Romande Energie

Romande Energie Group is the leading supplier of electricity in Western Switzerland and a mainstay in the Swiss energy industry. It offers a wealth of sustainable solutions for the distribution and generation of electricity, and in energy services, energy efficiency and electromobility. 

All its generation assets are driven by renewable sources of energy. Additionally, they are working hand in hand with customers, investors and employees to provide ever-better standards of living through innovative services and a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Romande Energie is dedicated, day in day out, to offering high-grade services and security of supply, just as customers expect, as well as supporting them in transitioning to more sustainable forms of energy.

Yuso Trade Trading Platform Swiss Intraday Romande Energie
Logo Yuso

About Yuso

Yuso integrates renewable and sustainable energy sources into the existing markets. By focusing on decentralized energy production, companies can manage their own energy consumption and injection in a flexible manner. Yuso’s goal is to accelerate the market integration of renewable production technologies. Yuso offers tailored Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA’s) to producers of renewable power with Solar-, Wind- or Biomass capacity connected to the distribution grid, based on the concept of a “virtual power plant” that groups a cluster of distributed generation installations.

For more information on the Swiss intraday trading platform service, please contact Yuso at sales@yuso.be or fill in our contact form.

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