Supplier of the future

Electricity has a different value on each hour. As a customer you can create value by acting smart on these prices.


The Yuso supply principle

No fixed contract

No more fixed contract durations or tacit renewal: The Yuso Delivery Contract only has a start date: You step in and out whenever you want!

Every hour the market price

Transparent prices, Yuso stands for it, no obscure indexes that clutter the cost of your energy. At Yuso you pay the market price every hour!

Clear digital reporting

The Yuso dashboards are available to our supply customers for free . This way you can monitor your price and cost.

Your advantage

Guaranteed the best price

Through transparent indexation at market prices, you can not go anywhere better for your energy, anything else is either too expensive or untenable.

Clear flexibility stimulus

Yuso will inform you monthly of all your costs and will suggest how your consumption could be better matched to the market. This allows you to reduce the overall cost of energy even further.

The Yuso price

The Yuso price you pay for delivery consists of 3 components that clearly reflect the actual cost of electricity consumption.

The market price on every hour

Electricity has a different price every hour in the wholesale market. Due to the increase in volatile renewable energy sources, these prices can easily vary between 0 and 300 € / MWh. By adjusting your consumption to these prices, you can save a lot on your energy bill. But even if you do not take actions, a price indexation on the belpex hourly price is a very interesting rate.

Balancing fee

The electricity market is not as simple as it seems. The purchase of electricity in the wholesale market must always be done before delivery. Consequently, there may be a difference between the amount of energy we purchased from you on the market and your effective consumption. As a supplier, we must compensate the network administrator for these so called "imbalances". Therefore we also have to charge our customers a balancing fee in euro per MWh which will depend on your consumption profile.

Grid fees, taxes and greenification

Like any supplier, we are obliged to charge gridfees and taxes. These are shown transparently on our bills and are then simply payed to the network manager or government.

Calculate your benefit

Enter your current contract parameters below and we'll calculate what you've benefited from in the past year.

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Your advantage

Your historic profit in 2016 *

Yuso Balancing fee

* The figure above represents your annual benefit over 2016, depending on your volumes and current delivery prices. A uniform consumption profile was assumed. For a detailed analysis, we need your historical metric data. You can request a detailed analyses here.

Transparant price information

The prices in the Yuso delivery contract are different every hour. These market prices are published 1 day before delivery (after the market clearing) and shared by Yuso as quickly as possible. You can also request these price information in three possible ways.

API interface

Do you want to automatically adjust internal processes to energy prices? No problem! Via our convenient API interface, this works in a fraction of a second.

Yuso dashboards

The dashboard portal gives you real-time market information and allows you to easily export the data.

Email notifications

If you wish, you can also receive market information daily by mail or set triggers from certain prices.

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