Yuso makes the first European energy transaction on the blockchain

November 1, 2016 - Bart Pycke

Crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies are disrupting the Fintech industry. In the near future these innovations will most likely also make their appearance in the energy industry. Yuso believes that these technologies have the potential to transform the electricity markets: peer-to-peer trading, local markets for flexibility, lower cost transactions and market access for new groups of users are some of the advantages and applications. We are eager to make the bridge between theory and practice by making the first European energy transaction on the blockchain.

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Yuso registered als BRP in the Netherlands

February 1, 2016

Yuso was registered by Tennet as BRP (Balancing Responsible Patry) on the Tennet grid. Yuso was also registered by EDSN as a supplier to the Dutch distribution grid.

Yuso recognized as electricity supplier in Flanders

January 27, 2016

Yuso was recognizes as a supplier for corporate end customers in Flanders by VREG.

Yuso introduces a self-billing service

1 juli 2015

Yuso simplifies administrative settlements through the use of self-billing.

The Yuso portfolio grows to 100 MW

2 januari 2015

Yuso now manages a portfolio of over 100 MW.

Yuso becomes a Belpex member

8 januari 2014

Belpex Welcomes Yuso as the First Indirect Participant to the Exchange, read more.