Insight into your Energy Contract

The Yuso dashboards provide you with an improved insight into all your energy contracts.

The Yuso dashboards features

The Yuso dashboards provide you with more insight into the energy flows of your installations. We provide the most important parameters in clear graphs. This way you will find the most relevant information at a glance! With this beta version you can already use the following features:

Official meter data

All metering data received by Yuso is now available to you. This gives you an overview of your injection on a quarterly basis.

Easy export

Share or export your energy data easily as pdf or download the data for further analysis in Excel.

Everything preconfigured

After logging in, you immediately have access to all dashboards and data. You do not have to configure anything yourself.

Market information

Clear overview of prices on the different electricity markets.

Always support

Simple support via online chat box in the application. This way you can ask questions and make improvements.


The application offers many possibilities for further expansion. Integration with additional measuring devices can show consumption, offtake, production and injection in real time.

A clear overview of your installation in your browser

Dashboard pricing


Ideal for starters
9 /month
  • 1 account
  • Limited to injection data
  • Support


For the conscious energy manager
Price on request
  • All Basic features
  • Realtime data
  • Production and consumption data
  • Installation of monitoring device


For detailed energy management
Price on request
  • All Standard features
  • Custom made dashboards