Energy storage solution for your business

Because the cost of using and stabilizing the network only increases, energy storage becomes increasingly interesting. Yuso helps you with the implementation of energy storage in your company and we even co-invests with you!


The Yuso Battery-Plan

As a unique integrator, Yuso offers the first Battery as a Service (BaaS) solution in Belgium.

Analysis and dimensioning

At the start of the project we will conduct a detailed study on the optimal dimensioning of a storage system in your company. We calculate the expected revenue to evaluate the feasibility of the investment.

Additional revenues

By smartly dispatching your battery, Yuso generates additional revenue for you in the flexibility markets that we can share with you. That way, Yuso contributes to your investment.

Monitoring and insight into the financial returns

Yuso's monitoring platform allows you to monitor the use of the battery and even follow up the financial returns.

Quotation and financing

We do not sell batteries ourself but we look for the best technological and financial solution for your company. Through our financing partners we can also offer tailor-made leasing formulas.

Revenues from a battery

A battery provides three direct benefits to your business:

Increase the use of solar power on your site

By deploying the battery as a buffer, you can save solar energy when you are not consuming it immediately. That way you do not have to buy energy from the grid when your plant is not producing. That saves you a lot of net costs!

Contribute to the equilibrium on the grid

Yuso provides continuous monitoring of your installation, but it can also intervene when there are opportunities to use the battery's flexibly. In return, Yuso is happy to contribute to your investment!


The battery can be configured to power your critical devices in case of power failure. This way you can still run important processes even when there is a power failure.

Realised projects

Over the past few years, Yuso has already developed several battery projects. Please feel free to contact us if you want more information about these realizations.

Redox-Flow battery at Filclair Serren

This large battery allows Filclair Serren to use more solar energy itself, saving thousands of euros on net costs.

Grid battery in Zeeland

Yuso currently manages the largest battery in Europe in Zeeland (NL). With 10 MW of flexibility, thanks to Yuso, it can contribute to the equilibrium of the net.

Lithium-ion battery at Verplancke Haarden

This smaller battery is about four times smaller than the one at Filclair Serren, but it has a higher power output making it a valuable asset to act on flexibility markets. Yuso dispatches this highly flexible battery to contribute to the network equilibrium.