Yuso integrates renewable energy, markets and companies

Yuso's goal is to integrate renewable energy sources into the existing energy markets. In a sustainable energy landscape with decentralized production, the role of flexibility in businesses is crucial.  Yuso acts as an intermediary between energy markets and local businesses, offering a platform to manage all types of energy assets.

The values we share

Never stop innovating

It's in our blood to innovate, to be curious and be open to the new!

Renewable energy

At Yuso we are always striving for better integration of renewable energy (e.g. solar and wind) in the market. Only then the share of green energy can increase further.

Dynamic and open to change

At Yuso we are never quiet; we constantly strive for the efficiency our customers deserve.


With the start of renewable and decentral energy production a big step forward was made towards more (and faster) innovation and community empowerments. At Yuso we aim to build an energy platform and community that empowers local businesses to act as smart energy players.

The power of automation

At Yuso we try to automate as many operational tasks as possible, giving us more time to offer tailored services to our customers and further innovation!

Open markets

We are convinced of the benefits of the open market: it takes care of balancing the energy system, and as a Yuso customer you can profit from this!


Although it is sometimes different with other suppliers, Yuso aims for ultimate transparency: our pricing formulas are the same for everyone!

Acting smart on data

Data is everywhere and usually free of charge. At Yuso, we gather as much data as possible in order to offer our customers the best prices.

The Yuso platform

Yuso is currently active in three different countries. In Belgium and the Netherlands Yuso acts as supplier and balance responsible party. For the wholesale of electricity Yuso has access to the Belgian, Dutch and French markets. 

The Yuso team

The Yuso team consists of 6 people who work closely together on the development of operational efficiency and innovative renewable energy projects.  

Bart Pycke


Bart (Ir. Electrical Engineering, Ghent University) has over twenty years experience in the energy sector. He led the trading activities of a Belgian utility company from the beginning of the market opening and was more recently active in Switzerland with an international commodity trading company.

Jonas Boury


Jonas graduated in June 2015 as an energy engineer at the KULeuven. As a product manager at Yuso, he is responsible for the development, launch and expansion of the Yuso energy platform.

Michel Verschuere


Michel (Dr in Sciences, KULeuven) has fifteen years of experience in liberalized energy markets in Belgium, Germany and Austria. He experienced the strong growth in installed capacity of wind and solar energy in Flanders firsthand in the wholesale sector.

Dries Wijns

Full stack developer

As a graduated Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering Dries joined Yuso to to bring its IT infrastructure to the next level.

Sofie Schell

Financial Manager

Sofie has many years of experience in financial management of energy markets. Since December 2017 she joined Yuso to help with the financial management of new projects.

Niels Timmermans

Full stack developer

As a full-stack web engineer Niels is responsible for the development and implementation of Yuso's IT projects. 

Join the team

There is always a place at our table for people hungry to make a difference in the energy sector. We are looking for those who are inherently curious and love a challenge. Contact us at info@yuso.be

Our timeline towards a sustainable energy-system

  1. 2012

    Foundation of Yuso

    Founders Michel Verschuere en Bart Pycke launch Yuso.

  2. 2015

    100 MW portfolio

    Yuso manages an injectionportfolio of 100MW.

  3. 2016

    Yuso launches battery services

    Yuso takes charge of a 10 MW grid battery and installs the first commercial battery with "Yuso Inside"

  4. 2017

    Yuso becomes supplier

    The first customer signs a Yuso flex contract.

  5. 2019

    Launch of demand response solution

    Smart hardware devices make is possible for companies to automatically respond to flexible energy-prices.

  6. 2025

    Fully automated energy management

    The Yuso platform manages and optimizes the energy flows of companies based on price signals and the local demand requirements.

Where to find us

Kalkhoevestraat 1, 8790 Waregem, Belgium

+32 9 298 10 24


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